Wake up energized

Not enough time to catch up on sleep? In actual practice it’s important not just to sleep long enough, but also to sleep right. Listen to Wake Up Energized program and teach your body and mind to be fully relaxed. Fight chronic fatigue without coffee and energy drinks.

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How does Wake up energized help?

Listening to audio hypnosis constantly, you get:

Good sleep during the night
Phenomenal self-management skills and a method of self-care
Quick result
A lot of energy

Set up Wake up energized so,
How do you like.

We know how important the correct perception of the session is.
Therefore, you can always choose a hypnologist that suits you best
and the background that you like


Nadia Sharayd

Analytical psychologist, hypnologist, researcher The author of post-stress mind recovery and personal development courses. As a practicing hypnologist with big experience she effectively cures such states as: insomnia, addictions, panic attacks, anxiety and phobias.


Andrew Zyckin

Hypnologist, clinical psychologist He’s been studying insomnia and hypnosis possibilities for more than 10 years. He’s created a big amount of effective scripts for curing different types of insomnia caused by psychological and physiological reasons.

You can change the background sound of the session or turn it off. Note,
that the background plays a big role in the perception of hypnosis.

Waves - the sound of a warm summer rain

Binaural beats - For self-hypnosis in space

Evening forest - visit a self-hypnosis session in nature

White noise - sound with a flat frequency spectrum.

Find out what clients think about Wake up energized

Darragh Nolan

Even literally a month ago I could not imagine my life without coffee and power engineers, the speed of work was constantly falling. I took a course of self-hypnosis and listened to Andrei every 2 days. And you know, I noticed a difference after 2-3 sessions! Now I'm perfectly well off without coffee and energy drinks, thanks, Andrew!

Sophie Walsh

I am a young mother, and I was constantly in a state of chronic fatigue. Two of my children take a lot of time and energy. I always drank a liter of coffee to keep up. My husband accidentally stumbled upon this site and sent it to me, I decided to try, not much money for the opportunity to normally feel. And you know, I did not lose. Now I only occasionally drink coffee when I want to feel its taste!

Bridget Kane

Thank you, Sleep HypnoPill! Now I always feel healthy and energetic!