Why People Want To Sleep After Eating

Why People Want To Sleep After Eating

28 Nov 2017

Why people want to sleep one they have finished eating.

Most people can’t stay awake for 10 minutes after they are done with their meals. This habit has been given all kind of name like laziness, fatigue, drowsiness among many other names…. However, if all you want after eating is fall asleep, there must be a reason for that. Maybe you have not identified the reason, but it is there. In fact, they are a number of biological reasons all meant to answer the question why people want to fall asleep suddenly after eating. Here are some of the reasons behind your need to sleep;


  • Food causes


There are foods whose contents will cause you to sleep immediately you are done eating. Foods with high sugar and carbs amount will cause you fall asleep at work, home or anywhere as far as you have eaten them. Such foods cause a number of changes in your body triggering you to fall asleep. They enhance such changes as;


  • Carbs


Each carbohydrate needs a particular enzyme to break down the long molecules into smaller glucose units. Deficiency of such enzymes in the body slows down the degradation process causing sleepiness, gastrointestinal issues and even drowsiness.


  • Blood sugar


Body cells derive energy from the glucose molecules formed by sugar carbs and starch. The two are quite crucial for the fueling of an individual's body, sugar is faster in its metabolic process in comparison to starch thus first gets converted into glucose which in turn improves the levels of blood sugar speedily. This leads to the release of vast insulin amount to use the additional/extra glucose. After that, the blood sugar level drops speedily reducing body energy and enhancing fatigue and sleepiness.


  • Tryptophan


This is simply an amino-acid that reduces your body's energy levels. Carbs reduce the use of your brains tryptophan leading to increased levels of the amino-acid creating the urge to fall asleep after eating.


  • Natural function of your body


The need to fall asleep suddenly after eating has something to do with the spontaneous tendency to sleep in certain hours, which are the morning hours, afternoon hours and in the evening. The sleep drives & circadian rhythm are two key factors affected directly.

The sleep drive is controlled by accumulation of chemicals in the brain which in turn determine if you stay awake or asleep. When one is awake, adenosine levels increases. This will cause an individual want to fall asleep mostly in the afternoon and this is the time when most have just finished eating.

On the other hand, Circadian rhythm is mean to keep an individual’s nervous system and body alert. It is always against the rise of adenosine levels thus ensuring that you stay awake as long as it takes. Fortunately, or unfortunately, a fault occurs towards the afternoon hours uncovering sleep. This explains your need to fall asleep at work in the afternoon some few minutes after you are done eating.


  • Medical reasons


If your urge to fall asleep after eating is getting worse causing all forms of inconveniences, it is the high time to visit your doctor. It could be that the reason why you fall asleep suddenly after eating is as a result of an existing medical problem. Consulting a doctor may be quite helpful as the problem will be established. Treating an underlying medical problem will improve your condition and reduce the crazy sleep that follows after swallowing your last bite.

Medical problems are known to cause drowsiness and heavy sleep, particularly in the afternoon could be infection, anemia, kidney issues, and diabetes among others. Electrolytes imbalance can also cause sleepiness not to mention night sleeplessness can also make you fall asleep suddenly anywhere and anytime during the day.

How to avoid sleep after eating

Though it is not simple to avoid the temptation to fall asleep suddenly after meals, at least there is something you can do to control yourself. Sleep is important, but it can really destruct your day if it is uncountable. You can imagine a case where you are working in a busy office and you can’t prevent your eyes from shutting down. It would be worse if that happens on daily basis. You must learn the following techniques to control your sleep:

  • Take tea and caffeine after meals, this will help fight the urge to fall asleep after eating
  • Take an after lunch 10-20 minutes nap; after you are done eating don’t rush back to work. Give yourself a 20 minutes break and you can use the time for a nap. That will really help.
  • Avoid sugary foods and carbs during lunch; at least when you are so busy, especially during the weekdays you can avoid taking goods high in sugar and carbs as they will cause you to fall asleep. However, use such foods some other time to make sure your body gets all required nutrients and avoid nutrients deficiency.
  • Do some small exercise after meals; instead of just sitting, ensure that you have done some 10 minutes exercise. You can choose to do some yoga practices or stroll a little. That will help fight the sleep that comes after meals.
  • Distract your mind; once you are tempted to sleep after meals, you can avoid the temptation by distracting your mind. Avoid thinking about your comfortable bed at home; your awesome sofa that would send you to the dreamland instantly, such thoughts will only make you fall asleep suddenly. Distract your mind with more important things like your homework, your office work, among other sleep chasing activities.
  • Get quality sleep at night; it could be you don’t sleep well at night. It is the high time you start sleeping adequately. At least 7-9 hours to avoid daytime slumber.


In conclusion, don’t hesitate seeking help if you need to fall asleep after eating worsens. The help you get from the doctor may change the whole story. Applying the sleep reduction techniques will help you overcome the urge to fall asleep.

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