Why Not Take Seriously Nightmare Cure

Why Not Take Seriously Nightmare Cure

27 Nov 2017

What are nightmares?

Nightmares are simply clear crystal disturbing dreams. You vividly recall a nightmare as if it just happening and this causes fear and trembling. Generally, the heart rate of an individual who has just woken up from a nightmare is quite high and you can hear the heart pounding. Sleep has different stages, including the REM or rapid eye movement sleep stage. It is at this stage where a lot of dreaming occurs. In fact, nightmares tend to occur during the early morning hours.

Nightmares happen to every age but very common in adults. For instance, an adult may have a terrible experience trying to run from danger, talk of a case where one dream being chased by a ghost or something but then their feeble feet fails and one can’t run fast enough. Waking up in such a scenario is terrifying and confusing. However, the best nightmare cure is ignoring a nightmare as there has never been anything serious about nightmares. Nightmares should never be taken seriously. Most people go wrong when they hold onto to the fallacy from their traditions in regard to nightmares. Most claim that nightmares are bound to happen or are an indication of an upcoming bad omen. Call all these beliefs superstition, a nightmare is just that…”nightmare” there is nothing more about it and there is no evidence that nightmares are an indication of something that will take place in the future. In that case, if you get nightmares relax and put nightmares where they belong... behind your back but is that simple as it may sound?

Definitely! Ignoring a nightmare is the simplest thing as it spares you the energy and time you would have otherwise used worrying about the nightmare. On the other hand, understanding the nightmare causes may help in ending the whole nightmare thing.

What are the key causes of nightmares in adults?

Nightmares do occur in adults and are caused by natural causes. That means one can have a nightmare spontaneously. However, nightmares are enhanced by many other factors, including existing disorders among individuals. Here are some of nightmare causes;

  • Lack of adequate and quality sleep: Due to increasing needs in the world today, and the irresistible need to fit in the social class, adults are too busy working day and night. When one may nurse the idea that they will make some good money rather than spend the time sleeping, most people fail to sleep at all while other sleep for an hour or so. As an adult, you should sleep for at least 7-9 hours every night. Anything less than that is termed as sleep deprivation, which is likely to cause nightmares. Ensuring that you get quality sleep is indeed a nightmare cure for those whose nightmare is as a result of sleep deprivation.

Medication withdrawal from certain substances and medication may increase the chances of a nightmare. Stopping to use such things as tranquilizers or alcohol may cause a nightmare though not to every person. Some people experience increased nightmares after withdrawal from use of medications and other substances.

    • Late heavy night meals: Taking heavy meals less than three hours before going to sleep may trigger a nightmare. This is because there will be increased metabolism during sleep causing your brain to be overactive leading to nightmares. People who sleep on full stomachs are more likely to have nightmares than people whose digestion has already taken place before retiring to bed.


  • Medication: Some medications trigger nightmares while others increase its frequency. Some drugs, for instance, narcotics and antidepressants know to act on brain chemicals have a link with nightmares. In addition, other medications such as BP medications are a key cause of nightmares in an adult.


  • Depression and anxiety: Words can't tell the number of people suffering. Unfortunately, apart from all the predicament associated with depression it also causes nightmares. Many are the times when we are anxious but even never know that we are anxious. Anxiety leads to nightmares and doubles the fear and worry.
  • Sleep disorder: They are multiple sleep disorders, for instance, restless leg syndrome or even sleep apnea. Such sleep disorders are leading causes of nightmares in adults.

What are nightmares cure?

Nightmare cure is worth finding so that you can have peace with yourself rather than spending more time worrying what could be happening. If your nightmares become frequent is advisable to visit a doctor so that they can establish the nightmare cause. Nightmare is caused by underlying problem, the problem should be treated to end the nightmares.

Avoiding nightmares through music and hypnosis

Music can help you sleep lure you into sweet and healthy sleep. Some few minutes before you sleep to ensure you listen to your best music. Keep stress aside and get lost in the soothing and sweet song. However, when making your choice of the songs go for a song whose tune is soothing, less noisy. A sweet, cool song is like a massage to a tired body and mind. Mediate about the song and with no time you will fall asleep.

Listening to a cool music will relax the mind and calm every negative force that might have caused nightmares. Music is the charm you have to use to avoid nightmares. With a cool mind and a stress-free heart, nightmares will be a thing of the past.

Can hypnosis prevent nightmares?

Since nightmares cause adults to feel frightened and might be as a result of psychological issues, those problems are caused by traumatic events, then hypnosis is an excellent tool for nightmare cure. Hypnosis literally deletes the traumatic thus you will be free from those problems. Hypnosis enables one drop the negative routine in their subconscious mind and offer better suggestions thus preventing any chances of a nightmare occurrence.


In conclusion, establishing your nightmare causes is the first step to finding a nightmare cure. Nightmare cause adults to live in fear of something they are not aware what it is, overcome such fear by not taking nightmare serious.

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