What you need to do if you can't stay asleep

What you need to do if you can't stay asleep

22 Dec 2017

Continuous lack of sleep is known to cause problems such as lower immune system, mood changes such as depression and irritability, weight gain and high risk of developing type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure.

On the other hand, getting enough sleep leads to better mental health, sharp memory, healing and hormone regulation.

That is why you need to take action if you realize you are having problems sleeping and you require help I can't stay asleep.

What can you do to stay asleep?

Fortunately, there are ways that can help you to stay asleep all night.

  • Have a sleep routine and schedule

Having a routine before you sleep can help to reduce insomnia. For instance, an hour before you go to bed, you can take part in non-stimulating activities such as brushing your teeth and other bed-time cleanups, as well as use a relaxation technique such as yoga or meditation.

A hot bath an hour before you sleep can help you to relax. If after the shower, you step in a cooler environment, the temperature of your body drops, metabolism slows faster and the body is prepared for sleep. If you make this part of the sleep routine, you are likely to enjoy better sleep.

When you are accustomed to a routine, it is a much easier help to stay asleep all night.

You should also have a schedule and you stick to it by having the regular time when you go to bed and when you wake up. Avoid situations where you may oversleep or sleep late on a weekend since it can disrupt sleep for a whole weak and cause insomnia.

If the baby won't stay asleep for naps, try using a routine and stick to the schedule such that a particular time is set for naps and it preceded and followed by given activities. For instance, the baby can be taken for a walk before sleep at a particular time.

  • Use bedtime yoga to relax

If you feel that you are lacking sleep due to tension, you can try bedtime yoga to help your mind and body to relax. You can take simple poses that can help you to concentrate on your breathing, remove the day’s tension, and help to stay asleep all night.

  • Leave the bed

If you have been in bed for about 20 minutes and you can’t sleep, leave the bed and engage in a non-stimulating activity. For instance, you can read a book, color book or fill a jigsaw puzzle until you feel sleepy and then get back to bed.

  • Keep away the electronic devices

Electronic devices such as the phone or TV emit a blue light that can delay sleep onset by suppressing melatonin. If you have a tendency of using your phone when in bed, you should realize that it could affect your sleep. Keep the phone far from reach such as at the end of the table and put it on silent so that you are not tempted to use it.

  • Avoid too much tv

Just because you can’t sleep does not mean that you wake up and watch all episodes of a television show. Research has shown that watching too much TV just before you go to bed causes more fatigue on the next day and sleeplessness symptoms. Over watching TV causes the brain to be more cognitively aroused, which results in poor sleep.

If you need to watch television just before you sleep, choose a non-stimulating show and watch just one show.

  • Do mental arithmetic

If you wake up in the middle of the night, then that means there is something disturbing your mind such as anxiety or depression. To mute the racing thoughts, you can do mental arithmetic such as counting numbers backward. The process is so boring that by the time you are halfway done, you fall asleep and it can help to stay asleep all night.

  • Make your bedroom a sleep sanctuary

How your bedroom feels can determine whether you stay asleep or not. Make sure that the room is cool, dark, and quiet to create a cooling down atmosphere that encourages the body to rest.

The temperature of your body falls slightly when starting to sleep. A cool room ensures that the temperature remains low to encourage sleep. On the other hand, darkness signals the brain to produce melatonin, which signals that its sleep time.

Not unless you want to be soothed to sleep by natural sounds, you should leave the room quiet. Moreover, speaking of music, studies have it that slow rhythm music and classical music helps to improve the quality of sleep.

  • Avoid late night eating and drinking

If you eat late at night, you may end up with indigestion or heartburn both of which can prevent sleep.

Drinking too much liquid, especially before bed can lead to many bathroom trips at night and consequently, poor sleep.

Avoid drinks such as alcohol before you sleep. In as much as it can make you fall asleep, you will end up visiting the bathroom all too often and it will prevent you from getting a good night sleep. Besides, you will wake up feeling un-refreshed and tired.

If you prefer taking a beverage before you sleep, try chamomile tea since it is known to have a calming effect that allows you to sleep.

You may also try valerian tea since it produces a deep sleep and you can fall asleep faster.

  • Manage your thoughts

In case your thoughts are preventing you from sleeping, try to manage them by meditating, yoga or you can write them in a journal.

Instead of allowing your thoughts to trouble you when you get to bed, you can jot down what is troubling you before you sleep. This way, you can address the problem before it gives you a sleepless night.

  • Use sleep medication

It could be that your lack of sleep is due to a deficiency and you may need help stay asleep medication. For instance, a magnesium deficiency causes sleeplessness and it can be treated using magnesium supplements even as you take foods rich in magnesium.

You can also take natural supplements such as melatonin, passionflower, and valerian root in case you are suffering from chronic insomnia and they can help stay asleep all night.

Valerian herb can be taken as tea, tincture or as a capsule and it is available in pharmacies, food stores or from herbalists.

However, medications are only suitable for limited time use and you should consult a doctor if the problem persists.


Sleep is important and if you find that you can’t sleep, there are many methods that you can use to stay asleep and get better quality sleep. Some of them just require change of habits and use of sleep stimulating herbs and medication.

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