Top 5 causes of snoring.

Top 5 causes of snoring.

19 Feb 2018

Am I the only one who makes disturbing noises which doesn’t let my wife sleep next to me? Then everyday your wife complains that she cannot sleep because of your snoring pattern.

Snoring is so common and yet it is complicated to understand that why do we snore?

Guess what this article is the right snoring solution for you. In this article I will tell you the best snoring cures, snoring causes and ultimate snoring remedies which will let you sleep quietly.

You should know that makes you snore. So this takes us to understand the real causes of snoring. Read them carefully and you will be surprised to know the causes which make us snore while we are deep asleep..

Cause 1 - Yes our genetics can make us snore as compared to others

At times it is not your fault because your genetics make you snore all night.  You might be having a large tissue in your throat or enlarged tonsils or long uvula or large adenoids or long soft palate.

Cause 2- Snoring is common in overweight individuals and pregnant females

Sometimes there are extra amount of tissues in throat which can cause you to vibrate as you take breaths. Most of this situation is present in pregnant females or individuals who are overweight as they have extra amount of tissues in their throat.

Cause 3-You caught some allergy or flu then you may snore too

There are some type of specific nasal structures, allergies and congestion which make you snore. In short whatever stops you from breathing fully from your nose the result would you be snoring. Mostly like when I catch flu or when I catch some allergy related to my nose then I snore so loud that my roommate gets so irritated and the next morning he complains about it.

Cause 4 - If you have prolonged smoking habit and alcoholic consumption patterns then you have the maximum probability to snore

Some of my patients who come and complain about snoring have a common habit of taking more alcohol and smoking too often daily. I simply advise them to stop taking excessive amount of them because it is the reason for them to snore at night. Also patients who are prescribed muscle relaxers and some other specific medication are the major ones who snore. Anything which makes your tongue and throat to get relaxed causes snoring.

Cause 5- Aging adults start to snore overtime

When experts point to snoring mostly they will address the concerns of aging as well because as you get older you tend to snore more. My grandma always snores but she tells us that in her twenties and even thirties she never snored. Yes normal aging is also a cause of snoring.

You know what that babies snore too

You just wonder that only adults snore but no some babies also snore during sleep. My sister has a baby boy and one day she called me. At that time Alan was just 3 months old. She was really worried and told me that Alan [his baby boy] snores like an adult at night and she doesn’t know what is going on with her son.

I have been hearing this complain from a lot of parents. So I gave her an answer which I will share it with you too!

Three main reasons why babies snore

You should know that there are three main reasons for babies to snore

  1. A baby might be born with a small jaw which gives a small airway.
  2. During sleep there is not much integration between nerves and the muscles which does not allow the airway to open enough.
  3. There might be enlarged adenoids or tonsils.

Snoring cures, snoring remedies and snoring solutions

Now till now you know exactly what causes snoring in adults and babies too. Snoring is much common and there are smart snoring cures too. After reading this section you will know the killer snoring remedies which will provide you ultimate snoring solutions.

These remedies are not for lazy people because you really need to put in some effort to get the results for complete snoring cure.

Change your sleeping position

If you have a habit of sleeping on your back then your soft palate and tongue’s base collide towards the backside of your throat wall. That will make snoring sounds while you are sleeping in this position. So as a snoring remedy you can change your sleeping position and you should sleep on your side which will cure snoring.

Exercise and shed the extra pounds

As discussed earlier that weight gain can cause snoring problems. If you have noticed that after gaining weight you have become a habitual snorer then it is time to hit the gym or to exercise at home to lose weight. So look for your snoring cause and if they are the extra pounds on your body which is making you snore then it’s time to get back to your normal shape.

Avoid alcohol few hours before you sleep

If you will take too much alcohol then your muscles will not be in the resting position in your throat’s back and it will increase the probability of more snoring. If you drink alcohol earlier then sleeping then snoring will be more. Even those people who do not snore will tend to snore after drinking alcohol.

Maintain a regular sleeping schedule

People who tend to avoid sleep and work for longer duration are more likely to snore when they will fall asleep. So keep a healthy sleeping pattern which gives you enough hours of sleep every night which will prevent snoring problems.

Avoid treating a heavy meal at night

If you take dinner which is high in carbs and sugar then it is most likely that you will snore. Heavy meals just before bed time will cause snoring. Take dinner 2-3 hours before sleeping so that it will not be a cause of snoring.

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