Steps and Cures for Killing Insomnia and headaches

Steps and Cures for Killing Insomnia and headaches

15 Feb 2018

Are you tired of insomnia and insomniac headaches?

Insomnia is making your mood awful and you cannot concentrate on your work during the way. The worst situation is when you have to go to your job and you have an urgent deadline to meet but your head is banging with severe headaches. All your colleagues are doing their tasks happily and you are the only one complaining about your awful last night lying sleepless on your bed.

Now, you are almost tired because you are spending your dollars on pills and therapies but still you are counting stars at night. Insomnia in women is widespread and it not just gender confined rather insomnia in older adults occurs at a double rate as compared to children.

You do not need to worry as insomnia headaches have a cure

Don’t worry we have the perfect set of right solutions for you and after reading this article you will be able to wave goodbye to insomnia and headaches.

Before we tell you exactly what steps you need to follow to cure insomnia. You need to know exactly what insomnia is.

First Understand Insomnia

In simple language insomnia is the condition in which you are unable to sleep. No matter how hard you try to lie down on your bed and close your eyes you are enable to fall asleep. Hours go by and your eyes are still wide awake. If you are facing this condition then you are insomniac.  

Basically in insomnia

  • You find it hard to sleep.
  • Even if you sleep for some time you are unable to stay asleep.
  • You get up too early even when its still night

Experts say that there is a deep connection between insomnia and headaches as Insomnia causes headaches

Whenever a patient visits the doctor complaining about severe headaches then the doctor asks about the sleeping pattern. Let me share a case, my neighbor Trish was severely disturbed because all the time we met she used to complain about her headaches so I asked her that how many hours does she sleep and she said that hardly 1-2 hours. I have studied a lot on this matter so I was able to tell her the true cause which I am going to explain it to with you too.

Insomnia is one of the most common causes of headaches. When your mind is unable to relax and is deprived to sleep then what you can get is headaches. So don’t get confused that your headaches might be due to some other physical illness but if you are sleepless at night then insomnia is the main reason behind it.

Now I am sure that you are able to understand that insomnic headaches can make you feel awful during day and night but a good NEWS is that there is a fix to it and many experts have provided ways to cure insomnia and insomniac headaches.

!First of All!

1. Visit the physician and discuss your sleep problems

Research has stated that there is a clear cut relationship between insomnia and headaches. The experts have demonstrated that lower component of the brain and the stem of the brain has a unique structure. They both have a major part in causing headaches and they are also responsible for making a human being to get a normal sleeping pattern.

When you go to your doctor about headache symptom you should tell about your sleeping schedule. If the doctor comes across that sleep problem is causing headache then he can advise you treatments and cure.

2. Now what to do next

You know that insomnia is causing headaches and there is a common problem of insomnia in women and insomnia in older adults is massive too.

We will tell you exactly what steps you should take to cure insomniac headaches and by following them will give a better turn from sleep deprivation.

3. Reduce Stress

When you lie down to sleep, stop thinking too much. Stress makes your mind wonder and this intensity of thinking stops your mind from falling asleep.

4. Change your meal plans

Change your meal plans for dinner for example do not consume foods high in carbohydrates. Do not take much sugar and carbs before going to bed.

5. Honey and Milk does the magic

Drink a glass of milk mixed with a teaspoon of money which will induce better sleep.

6. Avoid distractions

Do not use laptops or cell phones while you lie on your bed. Keep your room relaxed and sleep friendly by removing any noise which can disrupt sleep.

7. Exercise daily

Exercising can reduce stress and can help you sleep smoothly at night. Add exercise in your daily routine.

8. Make your room comfortable

Make your room and house comfortable. Make it dark in the room before going to sleep.

9. Foods that you should avoid to cure insomnia

There are certain food categories which can disturb your sleeping pattern so 3 out of 5 experts have suggested that you should avoid these foods to stop insomnia and insomniac headaches

10. Stop sipping too much caffeine

You need to avoid consuming caffeine after noon because it will cause sleep deprivation and you will be lying awake in your bed. A study has shown that insomnia is widespread in those who consume too much caffeine at night which prevents them from sleeping.

11. Do not consume Sugary desserts

I know that desserts are craving but they contain too much sugar in it which will kill your sleep. Consuming sugar will cause changes in your blood which will prevent you from sleeping.

12. No alcohol at night

Make sure that you do not consume alcohol 2-3 three hours earlier before going to sleep and even if you consume it hours earlier make sure that you do not consume in high quantity.

13. Do not consume foods which are hard to digest

Do not eat high fat food for dinner because it makes you feel heavy and it will hinder your sleep.


By following all the above steps and cure I guarantee that you will be able to enjoy a sound sleep which will diminish headaches so you can enjoy a fresh and healthy day.

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