Sleep Walking And Effective Method Of How To Deal With This

Sleep Walking And Effective Method Of How To Deal With This

22 Nov 2017

How exactly does sleepwalking take place?

Sleeping walking is a common disorder in children as compared to adults. The reason behind sleep walking is sleep deprivation. When an individual is sleep walking talking, they practically remain in deep asleep when the drama is unfolding. Unfortunately, after the scenario, a sleepwalker can barely recall anything. Children suffering from sleep apnea have a huge record of sleep walking cases. Though this condition is highly witnessed in children, that don’t mean that some well-known world heroes never suffer or suffered the same predicament.

Sleep walking is a condition that has no respect even for heroes and prominent persons in the world. However, since time immemorial a lot of research has been done to establish the sleep walking cure.

What are the symptoms of sleepwalking?

A sleepwalker may never know that they are suffering from sleep walking disorder. In that case, the problem is only identified by an eyewitness. You can tell that an individual is a sleep walker if they develop the following symptoms;

  • Sleep walking talking: This is one of the symptoms found in sleep walkers. They walk and at the same time talk. All this is done when the individual is deep asleep.
  • Can’t recall the incident: If after waking up the person can’t recall anything that happened, that is a clear indication that they are suffering from sleep walking.
  • Difficulty in waking up a sleep walker during the incident: When the episode is in progress, waking such a person can be such a hard task. Such people are so stubborn now that they are deep asleep.
  • Violence: A sleepwalker can be very violent during the episode. They tend to be very unreasonable at the moment but again very scared after waking up especially if you try to explain to them what was going on. The whole thing scares them.
  • Screaming: It is common for a sleepwalker to scream during the episode, especially if they are experiencing sleep terrors alongside the sleep talking walking.

Prominent sleepwalkers

Some heroes in the world have all kind of stories to tell about their childhood. Their success is not as a result of challenge-free life, but they just beat all odds and stood out. There so many of them some are book writers while others are actors and heroes from many other fields who have a history of sleep walking during their childhood. Some heroes and heroines have decided to be open about their battle with sleep walking.


  • Chris Colfer


Chris Colfer a great actor shared his childhood problem of sleep walking. According to him, the problem increased once he started touring together with cast mates. However, the problem came to an end as he grew up. As if that was not enough, Chris had weird problem sleep shopping. He at one time ordered a life-size Marie Antoinette portrait online. It’s hard to believe but him being an actor, anything is possible…,


  • Bobby Brown


This is a great rapper. His fame rose as a result of his nineties hits My Prerogative & 2 can play that game. He used to take part in 2008 on a United States Reality Show, but that came to an end after he did the unbelievable when sleep walking. He attempted to urinate on Dee Snider Twisted Sister frontman. Lucky enough; he woke up former Whitney Houston thus the worst never happened.


  • David Hempleman-Adams


This guy is a miracle worker! He got the guts of exploring. In fact, he became the first to head to the North Pole back in 2000 with an open balloon. Unfortunately, he nearly lost his life once a sleep walking episode made him try to climb out of the basket aboveground. Thanks to his harness which spared his life and finally came around before it was too late thus he was saved.


  • Sam Torrance


Sam was a wonderful golfer and he was determined to go far. According to him, the sky was the limit, but he withdrew from championship match back in 1993 Ryder Cup since he was involved in a grave accident during a sleep walking episode back in his home. His sternum was quite bruised since he crashed in a plant pot. However, his quick recovery saw him back to the following championships after which he became a prominent BBC sports commentator.

The above are just a few among many who have suffered the blows of sleep walking and sleep walking talking. Sleep walking may sound like another fairytale, but it is serious and can even lead to death. Some people have fallen on fire while others got accidents on roads just because they left their home as a result of sleep walking and they meet their death or became cripples in the process. Waking up a sleep walking individual is worth every effort as that may prevent further problems.

Sleepwalkers at times may even be crazy enough to hurt you if you are sharing their room or whoever crosses their way during the episode, so it is imperative that you be watchful. There have been sleepwalkers who have been taken to court for murder attempt during the sleep walking episode. It always that serious.

How to stop sleep walking?

With all that said, you must be wondering if there is something like sleep walking cure. If you are sleep walking, it is advisable to see the doctor as soon as possible. The doctor will recommend the best treatment for you. Chances are that you might be asked to stay in a sleep laboratory for further observations. Some patients are offered hypnosis or even taught the techniques for reducing stress. Whatever strategy used, you will eventually be cured of sleep walking completely.


In conclusion, sleep walking cure is possible all you need is take precaution during the treatment process. For instance, remove all dangerous tools such as knives, scissors, and razor blades among others from your sleeping room to avoid the more serious sleep walking problem.

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