New cures for insomnia

New cures for insomnia

23 Oct 2017

Getting a seven to nine hours of nap keeps the function of the body remains at best by taking care of the diet in control to lower the blood pressure. The research has shown that nap takes care of your brain. Not only health, good sleep increase the rate of production and also its capability to appreciate life to the fullest. Many people don’t get the adequate sleep, as the research has found. The main cause of not getting sleep is the technology and gadgets that exist in the room. Although many technology devices take away sleep, advancement has brought insomnia cures to help you get more sleep. Here are the devices that you must know about:

1-Lark in the dark

It is the silent alarm clock with an app and wristband that wakes up even the sleepers with just a vibration. After tracking the movements every night, it will give you the report of the night including the sleep quality, how long it took you to sleep and also how many times you woke up at night. It also consists of the plan that allows you to set the goals and also send reminders to keep you on track. This is the best insomnia solutions one must know about.

2-Sleep like a genius

This is not like the other trackers; this app that is produced by the neuroscientists goes above the metrics and helps you to fall sleep with the pink noise and the algorithms of neurosensory that trigger the sensation in the brain like a baby has gone to sleep. Its beats and music in low frequency make easy for you to sleep.

3-Fight noise with noise

According to the foundation, noise at the level of 40 decibels or higher than 70 decibels keeps us awake. This means that the faucet can take away your sleep just like the stereo of a neighbor. The conditioners of the sound have proved to advanced sleep by distractions with white noise that entirely sounds like gusty winds or rushing water. This is the best cure for insomnia help that can do wonders. The infuser of sleep masks sounds, from which the inventors make the brain to sleep.

4-Track every move of yours

The wristband monitors the cycles of sleep and tells how much light and deep sleep you are getting. It takes a note of times when you woke up in between but also wakes you up with the mild vibration. Its new application relates the sleep with what you had to eat that day or the excessive amount of exercise that you have got. Its new app tracks the intake of caffeine to check how much you have taken.

5-Calm Aura

This aura checks the environment of sleep like light level, noise pollution, and room temperature and it also promotes sleep with orange light and the soothing frequencies that mimic the rhythms of the body. The best part of this insomnia help is you don’t need to wear anything. Its sensor remains under the mattress to keep a check on your body movements, sleep patterns, heart rate and breathing cycles. After that, go to the application to visualize the cycles of sleep, know what wakes you up, compare your every night and personalize the programs of waking up and falling asleep.

6-Goodnight light, goodnight moon

The exposure of artificial light between the time and the dusk when we go to bed release the sleep hormone melatonin eliminates the rhythm of body’s circadian and also enhance the alertness that makes it more difficult to sleep. The LED night bulb of the good night that is produced for the astronauts of NASA on International Space Station lets melatonin do the things by using the light blue in normal bulbs.

7-The science of sleep

This is the smartwatch that is produced by basis science use six sensors to measure skin electricity, heart rate, temperature and also sweat. Its latest version has updated to software and also the carbon steel band that breaks your pattern of sleep in light and deep sleep and also keeps an eye on the shut eyes that you are getting. Also, the information that it generates means to be similar to electroencephalogram in the sleep laboratories. This is best for insomnia solutions which also cure in no time.

8-Sleep for cheap

This is the iPhone application that use the accelerometer of smartphone’s to monitor the movements during nap. This wakes you up during the lightest phase of sleeping cycle within the window of 30 minutes. Since you have to sleep with the phone under the pillow, it is suggested to switch the mode to the airplane.

9-Heart of the matter

It is the iOS application that gives you every single detail about whatever happened at night including the sleep of rapid eye movement which should make half of the sleeping time to restore the process of the body. It records any sound that tends to happen in the bedroom so that you’ll know when the noise disturbed you. It also consists of the program of behavior therapy to improve the sleep quality that starts with setting up a fixed wake up and bedtime.

10-Rose Colored Glasses

The last thing that you must do while going to bed is looking at the screen. Tablets, phones, televisions, and laptops all consist of the wavelength light that decreases the production of melatonin that keeps you awake even after you poster your last tweet. The lenses used in glasses protect your eyes from blue light so that you may sneak in one episode and not just kept awake for the whole night.

11-Avoid Blues

The filters by sticky fit on the smartphone, laptop and tablet to decrease the blue light that also reach the eyes at night. This insomnia cures the problems of sleep and also its software adjust the temperature of your device depending on the time of entire day.

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