Applications to fight Insomnia

Applications to fight Insomnia

22 Oct 2017

The advantages that are collaborated with the sound sleep are endless, but many people are not getting enough sleep on a frequent basis. Here are some of the best insomnia applications available for the sound sleep that will maximize your winks and will take you to the dreamland.

According to the research, many adults don’t get their hours of sleep each night. It has been found that the adults should sleep more than 7 hours in the night regularly. Not getting adequate sleep leads to weight gain, diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, heart disease, depression, stroke and also the risk of death. Sleeping less than seven hours results in a lousy performance, weak immune system and even the risk of accidents.

Getting regular sleep and healthy habits of a nap are called sleep hygiene. Some of its methods include going to bed early and rising at the same time every day, caffeine, avoiding heavy meals, also alcohol & nicotine before going to bed.

Here’s introducing insomnia app to your routine of sleep from which you’ll be able to accomplish 7 or 8 hours of sleep. Here are the best app choices.

1)Sleep Cycle

This app keeps the track and also analyze the patterns of sleep. Make sure you choose the time of waking up, and this app will slightly slumber you during the lightest phase to ensure that when you wake up, you feel refreshed, rested and also get ready for the day.

The microphone that is already in the phone picks up your movement when you sleep using the analysis of vibration and sound. This app checks if you are getting deep sleep, light sleep or just the random action and it also wakes you up within the set of 30 minutes. Monitoring nap with this app is tension-free, relaxed and will also provide you with the extra spring. Downloading for iPhone and Android is free.

2)Relax Melodies

This insomnia app is made to help you with more than 40 million other users, say bye to insomnia and get the sound sleep that you were waiting for. If you are having a problem in getting relaxed, then this app is entirely made for you.

Select the sounds of relaxation, add images of nature with the tone and then the melody is complete. Also, the meditations can get laid on the top to get the sound sleep.

To create the mixes, sounds that are shared by this app can get access to discover the combinations of new sound. Mixing favorite songs from the music library in the sound layers magnifies the experience ahead. The app is available to download for iPhone and Android for free.

3)Sleep Time

Sleep time, insomnia application use the art algorithm to keep a check on sleep and also offers insights into the patterns of sleep. The app also monitors the movements from the course of the night and produces the data of sleep cycles in reading charts and graphs.

The app is just like Sleep Cycle which wakes you up during the phase of lightest sleep for rejuvenation. According to this application, when you wake up from your sleep, the body takes about an hour to fully awaken that left you feel drained and exhausted.

Its dashboard gives a full report when you shut your eyes so that you may check the trends and patterns in the things that affect you during sleep. The app is free to download for both Android and iPhone.

4) Recolor

This insomnia app delivers the coloring book in the package of app size. More than 1000-1500 images are there on the application to rest your mind, for relaxation and then it sends you into the state of meditation. Many new pictures emerge daily.

Its library is organized alphabetically by the theme categories like images of food, animals, patterns, art, sea life, scenery, etc. After selection of the picture, the application offers the color palette with different shades and things to complete the artwork. The idea behind its production is to keep you away from anxiety in making a creative and satisfying accomplishment to prevent stress and hopefully getting you to sleep. Downloading for Android and iPhone is free.

5)Sleep well & relax

The application is created by hypnotherapist and the author Glenn Harrold. It is made to deal with anxiety and stress while implanting the habits of sleep. It also includes the recordings of stress relief hypnotherapy and meditation. The tapes can be purchased from the app that includes topics like weight loss, insomnia, confidence, anxiety, self-esteem and confidence among others.

The track also consists of the sounds that are selected individually for the frequency and key to teaching you into the level of relaxation. The author’s voice is filled with peace that will get you in a quiet and dreamy state. Downloading for iPhone and Android is free.


This insomnia application is the tracking alarm clock that merely monitors your sleep. It consists of the inspired design with the best interface. It is based on the recent research of sleep, and the app’s algorithm uses sound and motion pattern to paint the image of your sleep session. The app provides the statistics of session sleep.

The application is mixed with the health app of Apple to increase the knowledge of your sleep. It uses the metrics of fitness and health that include blood pressure, weight, calories, heart rate, caffeine and consumption of alcohol to keep in check that how all the functions affect the quality of sleep. The app is available to download for iPhone for free.


The insomnia app is the system of a power nap and sleeps that send you back to sleep just with the push of a button. It helps you in sleeping fast, stay in that and then wake up feeling rejuvenated. The app is available to download for Android and iPhone for free.

These were the insomnia applications that will make your sleep better and will take away the restlessness that you might be feeling because of less sleep.

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