Major Causes Of Excessive Tiredness

Major Causes Of Excessive Tiredness

14 Nov 2017

Major Causes Of Excessive Tiredness

Excessive tiredness has become the order of the day among most men and women. This article outlines excessive tiredness causes and how to bring an end to an ongoing fatigue.

What is fatigue?

Fatigue is tiredness that always hangs around and can be quite limiting. You may always feel tired despite engaging in light activities. It’s normal to feel tired after a busy day, but excessive ongoing fatigue can interfere with your normal life. Flu, cold and certain viral infections are known to cause excessive tiredness. Fatigue is simply a persistent, unexplainable & relapsing exhaustion. Chances are that you have spent few days without sleeping at one point in your life, that feeling that accompanies sleeplessness is fatigue alternatively known as chronic fatigue. Excessive tiredness causes sluggishness and unproductivity both at home and in your workplace.  Your everyday activities become a hard bone to crack making life unbearable.

There is always a reason why one feels extremely tired and this becomes a concern if it becomes a routine. Excessive tiredness causes are many, for instance, depression, allergic rhinitis, fibromyalgia or even anemia among others. Generally, poor health condition may be a key cause of excessive tiredness in men and women not excluding the youngsters. The good news is that excessive tiredness can be resolved.


Excessive fatigue in Men

Excessive tiredness is a prominent condition in men, especially when they start to age. However, some young men have also been caught up in the trap. Fatigue which can be termed as emotional and body weakness in men has mild and persistent symptoms. Excessive tiredness needs doctors attention too especially if the condition recurs. Common causes of excessive tiredness in men may be depression, sleep disorder or testosterone deficiency.

How is testosterone deficiency related to fatigue in men?

Call it male hypogonadiam or  hypogonadism if you like. This is a condition where the body of a man fails to produce adequate testosterone. As you know, testosterone is a hormone responsible for masculine growth as well as puberty development. There are men who are born with male hypogonadian while others develop the condition later. The symptoms of this condition can be likened to menopausal symptoms in women like low libido, excessive tiredness, poor concentration and low retention capacity. This condition requires immediate doctor’s intervention to avoid serious after effects such as infertility, low bone density, erectile dysfunction among others. If the cause of excessive tiredness in men is as a result of testosterone deficiency, that can be treated via hormone replacement treatment.

Sleep disorders and excessive tiredness in men

Adequate sleep amount is an excellent way of solving excessive tiredness in men. Restful sleep causes your body and energy to replenish. Insomnia or troubled sleep causes symptoms such as less energy, poor physical coordination, and poor concentration not to mention excessive tiredness. Exhaustion or over tiredness leads to hindered reaction times as well as motor skills. This leads to increased number of accidents being done by men. As a man and an adult, you require 7-9 hours of sleep. However, there are many causes of sleep disorder thus it’s imperative to go for check-up so that the root cause can be determined. Improved sleep solves the problem of excessive tiredness in men.

Your bedroom should only belong to you and your loved one in case you have one. The bed should be comfortable enough for sex and quality sleep. This way, excessive tiredness will be a thing of the past.

Depression causing excessive tiredness in men

If you have been having constant and long periods of negative sensations, for instance, loneliness, sadness, frustration among others, this is a sign that you might be suffering from depression, a psychological illness. This condition is a key cause of less energy and excessive tired in men. It is important to seek doctor’s help on the same. `       


Excessive tiredness in women

Excessive tiredness in women is very common. While some of the causes of excessive tiredness in men may also cause excessive tiredness in women, the truth is that most of the causes among men and women differ. However, factors such as depression and sleeping disorders can cause fatigue to both men and women. Marriages have gone to the drain as a result of excessive tiredness in women. This increases the need to establish the cause of excessive tiredness in women. The causes include;

Heart disease

Heart disease threatens women too among other deadly diseases, for instance, stroke well as cardiovascular diseases. In cases where a woman’s heart fails to pump blood effectively, the body fails to get adequate blood resulting to excessive tiredness. Women suffering from heart diseases always complain of fatigue.


Less oxygen in the blood leads to sluggishness and fatigue. Anemia is a symptom that a woman is losing much iron during their periods. Alternatively, it can be as a result of lack other important minerals and vitamins. Any medical problem among women that leads to reduced RBC count should be treated with immediate effect to avoid excessive tiredness in women.


Lack of sleep among women can be as a result of many factors. Women are faced with so many challenges creating higher chances of stress and depression. The two causes sleeplessness and excess fatigue.

Vitamin D deficiency

Due to busy schedules, a woman may have less or no time to get Vitamin D from the sun. Vitamin D deficiency is common among women who are strict vegetarian and them that are dark skinned lowering the chances of the skin to get Vitamin D from the sun. This eventually leads to excess tiredness in women. However, getting enough of Vitamin D can help solve fatigue.


How to solve excessive fatigue in men and women

Excess fatigue in both men and women can disappear if one gets quality sleep. Despite how exhausted you might be, restful sleep can always help you wake up feeling more refreshed each day. To improve your sleep, be sure to use our program of audio sessions.


To sum it up, excessive tiredness causes are many and establishing the root cause of your fatigue will help you solve the problem easily. The first step to reduced fatigue is improved sleep.

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