Life Hacks And Trips To Stay Asleep At Night

Life Hacks And Trips To Stay Asleep At Night

21 Nov 2017

How To Stay asleep at night

If you rarely stay asleep at night, you are reading the right article. The good news is that there are life hacks all meant to trick yourself to fall asleep until the following day. That way, you will have quality sleep and wake up feeling more energetic and more charged to attend to your daily activities. Tricks to stay asleep are all natural and effective. It could be that you can't stay asleep at night because you are not doing everything right.


Here are some life hacks to stay asleep buddies:


  • Check your diet


You may be wondering what food has to do with staying asleep at night; on the contrary, food has everything to do with your sleep. What you eat before going to bed determine whether you get quality sleep or not. One is supposed to take dinner at least 3 hours before they go to bed. This is to ensure that digestion takes place before you go to bed. Alternatively, one can take snacks just in case they are so hungry. Taking a heavy meal only a few minutes or an hour before going to sleep means that one can barely stay asleep buddies;


  • Take a hot shower prior to bed


Most people have never known that a hot shower is one of the tricks to stay asleep. Hot water tends to relax the muscles shedding off all the days fatigue triggering you to go to bed as soon as possible for a nice ride to the dreamland. Taking a hot shower won’t take much of your time, just give it a trial and you will love the sleep that comes with hot shower before going to bed.


  • Keep away all electronic gadgets from your bedroom


At least for the night, electronic gadgets shouldn’t be anywhere near your bedroom. All they do is rob you your sleeping time and disrupt your short hour sleep. The phones, TV set, laptops and everything aren’t supposed to be in the bedroom of course, not at night.


  • Stay hydrated


Staying hydrated is one of the tricks to stay asleep at night. Dehydration comes with a lot of problems from disturbed sleep to various health problems all aimed at making you your bedroom`s night guard.


  • Empty your urinary bladder


Emptying your urinary bladder before going to sleep will help you stay asleep buddies. You can’t get quality sleep when you are pressed. Many are the times you wake up after sleeping for few minutes only to realize that you are very pressed. The worst part is that you will spend the next hour deciding whether to go release yourself or not. That will waste much of the time you would have spent sleeping.


  • Listen to your favorite music before going to bed


Am not implying that you transfer your musical instruments to your bedroom. Absolutely not! However, spend at least some ten minutes before going to your bedroom listening to your favorite music. It will definitely lure you to sleep.


  • Declutter your bedroom


In a cluttered bedroom, it is impossible for one to stay asleep buddies. Take your time and do away with everything you don’t need in your bedroom. Ensure that the place is dust free and conducive enough to make you stay asleep at night.


  • Learn to relax


The main reason why most can’t stay asleep at night is as a result of stress, depression and anxiety. The 3 monsters know pretty well how to rob you your sweet sleep and kick you out of bed at dawn for no good reason. You can also learn to beat all odds through applying one of the tricks to stay asleep, which is relaxation. When everything seems not to work out, just hold your peace and take deep breaths. Create an imaginary paradise for yourself and assume everything is better than ever before. This will land you to the world of quality, sweet sleep.


  • Go for a comfortable bed


There are those beds that are incredibly generous when it comes to helping you toss and turn in bed. The noisy sounds and the cracking of woods or is it metal is quite ridiculous. With such a bed, one can barely stay asleep buddies, you need a quality, lovely bed not just a place to lay your head. It is the high time you stop camping in your own home and start living. Your type of bed determines whether you stay asleep at night or not.


  • Have sex


How does this has to do with sleep? I just read your mind! Sex and sleep go hand in hand. Before you sleep, cut your cake just the way you like it and you can always thank me later. Sex increases your chances of staying asleep at night so don’t hesitate to do it, if your partner is caring enough to send you the clouds and back.


  • Comfortable bedding


One of the tips to stay asleep at night is purchasing quality bedding. Some people think by using heavy coverings that they will get quality sleep, but that will only make you get out of bed more tired than you went to bed. Go for bedding that is lighter yet warm enough. Avoid high temperatures that will make you sweat profusely rather encouraging a sound sleep.


  • Keep the bedroom lights off


Keeping the bedroom lights off is an excellent tip to stay asleep. Lights have a way of keeping you awake the entire night. To make sure you stay asleep at night, just put them off and you can be sure to fall asleep in the next few minutes.


  • Hypnosis for sleep


Hypnosis is also a tip to stay asleep. It is simply a strategy that is used often in psychotherapy to treat various habits and disorders. Self-hypnosis for sleep is a technique an individual uses to hypnotize themselves to sleep. A hypnotist leads you to relaxation through “hypnotic induction” Hypnosis for sleep is even more effective when done with a comprehensive cognitive-behavioral means. Sometimes it is hard to access hypnosis, especially if one is trying hard to get back to sleep at night. However, cognitive-behavioral strategies can be put into practice once they are learned anytime and anyplace.



To sum it up, tips to stay asleep are worth reading and putting into practice given the necessity of sleep to the human health. The above tips and life hacks will bring all the difference and will help you stay asleep buddies!

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