How to easily treat Chronic and Short-Term Insomnia.

How to easily treat Chronic and Short-Term Insomnia.

16 Feb 2018

You are not the only one who is going through the grind of sleepless nights. It has been estimated that almost 60 million Americans are troubled with sleeping disorders. In the top list of sleeping disorders insomnia is the prominent one.

Good NEWS is that insomnia is treatable

Do not worry you are not the only one who is battling with insomnia. Tons and tons of research have been done in this area and fortunately there are valuable cures to have an insomnia free life.

Anyone can be affected by Insomnia so don’t feel stressed

Just relax and understand that insomnia can affect people at any age and you can successfully get rid of it. Do you want to know how you can get insomnia disorder treatment?

For that matter, first of all you need to know some important information about insomnia.

The better you know about insomnia, the more is the speedy recovery process

You need to know about insomnia for the following reasons

  • The more you know about it the better you can help yourself from it.
  • You will save your money and time by using the right information
  • You can help yourself and you can take care of the problem effectively.

Understand your insomnia type

Basically the categories of insomnia are categorized as two. If you are facing sleep troubles and you do not know what is going on. Then have a careful read of the next section because it will let you know what might be exactly your case.

Key to speedy recovery is awareness

The key is you do not need to be worried or alarmed as by reading the following types of insomnia you will be better able to better treat it.

Here is what you need to know

Insomnia found in most of the people can be observed as short term or long term.  I was speaking to a conference last year about insomnia and a lady just raised her hand. She looked really tensed and she told me that she is really worried because it has been almost 6 months that she cannot sleep longer than 2 hours. I was shocked when she further told me that she has been prescribed different medicines from time to time because they do not still work for her and she is still suffering from sleeplessness. I asked her that did the physician told you about the category of your insomnia and she very nodded in ‘NO’.

This brought me to think that patients need to know what is exactly happening to them so they can use the knowledge to help themselves. People need to know more about insomnia and its types so they can understand to help themselves more. No medicine will do the wonder itself if you do not know about short term and long term insomnia.  

There are short term and long term categories of insomnia

Just read the next section really carefully because it will help you determine which category of insomnia you are suffering from. Insomnia plays the trick on your mind when it varies and changes its frequency. Some people face long periods which mean you are not able to sleep for long while some face the frequency less often.

Acute insomnia is short term

It is short term and it can just come at times and also disappears too. In acute insomnia you might feel sleepless for just single night or for just fewer weeks.

Chronic insomnia is for long term

In this type the insomnia will go for minimum three nights every week for months. The duration can be longer and it is more severe as compared to acute insomnia.

Now you can indentify that what category of insomnia you fall in.

Next I will tell you the major causes of each type of insomnia

Prominent causes of insomnia

Causes of Acute insomnia disorder

  • Jet lag
  • You are taking certain medications which are affecting your sleep.
  • Stress
  • Noise, unsuitable temperature and distractions in the sleeping area
  • Physical and emotional distress.

Causes of Chronic insomnia disorder

  • Psychological disorders like anxiety or depression
  • Severe stress level
  • Unhealthy and discomforting home environment

Now till now you know about insomnia durations, insomnia causes and now let’s move towards understanding the most important step

Insomnia Treatment is simple and you can follow it by yourself easily.

Yes, now you will fully understand insomnia treatment. By the end of the article you will know that how you can do insomnia treatment and will be able to finish it forever.

  • If you taking any medicine for some illness then talk to your physician that s it causing you insomnia. Ask the physician to give you its alternative.
  • Make a schedule and avoid watching late night TV and sitting infront of laptop or using excessive mobile phones while laying on bed for sleep.
  • There are behavioral or psychological techniques which can help you feel relaxed and can help you fall asleep soundly.
  • The relaxation techniques you can learn with the help of an expert and you can practice them at home.
  • You can perform stimulus control and you can create a clear connection of your activities with bedroom. You should only go to bed when you are feeling sleepy.
  • There are breathing exercises which can help you to relax your muscles and you can take expert help to learn them. It will also help to treat your insomniac disorder.
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy has helped to improved insomnia in numerous patients.

Insomnia medications

You should know self medication can be dangerous and for using any medication even pertaining to insomnia you should consult your physician and discuss with them your symptoms in details. I want just to give you a general idea that researchers have formulated medicines which can help cure insomnia disorder.

The categories of insomnia medications include non-benzodiazepine hypnotics, benzodiazepine hypnotics and melatonin receptor agonists.

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