How sounds help you sleep

How sounds help you sleep

22 Feb 2018

Are you tired knowing that again you will not be able to sleep at night?

My patients often tell me that bed time is their scariest time because they know that they will keep on looking at the clock with eyes wide awake.

Literally they say that they feel stressed when they are not able to sleep which makes their condition worst.

Most of the experts never want to reveal the secret formula to get sleep faster and they will think I am absurd to share this information for free of cost.

I don’t care. Let them think this way because I want all of you to benefit from my experiences and knowledge.

I love to share my experience and the secrets which can help you to sleep faster. By following the tips which I will share will enable you to get sleep faster in just a couple of days.

What you need to do is to practice them

Yes practicing and following them is the key.

Caution -These techniques are strictly not for those who do not want to put in an effort because these powerful techniques need much more effort of practicing.

So if you are thinking that these set of techniques you can follow by just sitting in front of your laptop. Then you are totally wrong and you need to face it that it will work only if you practice them.

Sounds help you sleep faster

New research states that certain type of sounds helps you sleep faster and sound. Yes I am talking about soothing sounds which can help you fall asleep in minutes. Now you don’t have to take pills or do breathing exercises to fall asleep. The sound technique for sleeping will just take minutes to make you sleep faster.

The sound formula will help you to sleep faster twice as compared to other methods

A study has shown that certain sounds like the sound of water waves can put a person to sleep faster. You need to understand that soothing and calming sound can kill your sleepless nights while letting you sleep sound and faster.

The technique of using sounds to sleep will make you sleep twice as faster as compared to any other strategy for dealing with insomnia.

Our brain reacts to different sounds

Our brain has the ability to understand sounds around us. It can tell us whether a sound is calming or threatening for example when you hear the sound of the rain drops falling on the ground it seems to amaze and soothes you. On the other hand if you hear the sound which is noisy and high in pitch. It will make you feel threatened and distressed.

Low frequencies sound can make you sleep faster

Our brain is unique as it understands the frequencies of sound. Mostly I have in fact recorded an interesting finding that my patients feel more relaxed when they listen to sound which is of low frequency.

Repeating sounds can make you fall sound asleep

Not only have that sounds which make you feel relaxed also helped you to get sound sleep. Repeating sound also helps people to sleep faster.

Sounds are able to relax our minds enabling us to sleep faster

If you feel helpless and unable to sleep at night then take the benefit of listening to sounds which will relax your mind and will make you stress free. When your mind is relaxed it will help you to sleep even while you are listening to the soothing sounds.

Listen to natural sounds which will decrease your stress level

Natural sounds of oceans, rain, pet animals and wind seems pleasant to our ears. You can look for several online sounds of nature which are available for free and listen to them. Just close your eyes and feel the soothing effect of the nature asking you to calm from all the stress. This will make you fall asleep faster.

Listen to soft and classical music which will make your mind more relaxed

Let me tell you a story of my friend who always told me that while he tries to sleep, his mind never lets him to sleep. His thoughts are disturbing and do not let him to sleep. I just asked him to follow one thing that is when he feels worried he would not be able to sleep so he needs to relax himself first.

I asked him to follow something and after just a few days he messaged me that he is able to sleep quicker and faster than before.  


Let me tell you that I simply asked him to listen to his favorite music. Also I asked him to listen to music which is classical and is of soft style. Do not listen to music with lyrics which will keep your mind active more.

You need to try sounds which make you feel better

Certain people prefer certain sounds over others. What one person finds a soothing sound might appear to be noisy for the other person. So it is also your choice to experiment which sounds make you feel more comfortable and relaxed. You can try different sound options and adopt that one which makes you feel more comfortable letting you sleep faster.

Remember to find out which sound is best for you

So as I told in the start of the article that using the sound technique to sleep faster needs effort and practice. Therefore you need to remember that which sounds works well for one person might not work perfectly for you.

For Examples- some people will fall asleep faster while listening to repeated sound. Some people might sleep faster while listening to natural and low frequencies sound while others may fall asleep while listening to classical music of their choice.

So you need to try different sounds to select the sound which will help you sleep faster. The overall truth is that once you find the right sound for yourself then it will do wonders for you to get good sleep and get sleep faster.

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