How easy is it to sleep when you have insomnia? Take advantage of self-hypnosis!

How easy is it to sleep when you have insomnia? Take advantage of self-hypnosis!

26 Feb 2018

Have you been facing problems with your sleeping cycle?

Do you think that the hardest job for you on Earth is to get a sound sleep?

Will I be right if I say that the clock on the wall is your most irritating friend these days?

Well if you have been answering with a yes to all of my questions then let me break a small yet discomforting news to you. Have you ever heard of Insomnia? Does this term ring a bell to you? Insomnia is a sleeping disorder which is common in adults mostly, but can happen to anyone. People who have insomnia face problems in sleeping at night. Since you also face problems while sleeping at night, you may be having insomnia.

You know that you are suffering from Insomnia, but you do not know how to cure this disorder, right?

Let me rephrase it. You need help to cure your severe insomnia.

Use self-hypnosis

Well, if this is the case then you have knocked on the right door. Today, I am going to tell how you can sleep faster naturally with the help of a technique called as Self Hypnosis.

Self-hypnosis or Hypnotherapy is a natural remedy to sleep faster naturally. Self-Hypnosis is way of reducing stress level through mental and physical relaxation. It is a process which helps the Insomniac person to sleep faster naturally.  When you do self-hypnosis you allow your mind diagnosed with Insomnia to sleep faster naturally. Since stress is the major factor which causes Insomnia, therefore you can reduce stress when you do Self Hypnosis and this proves to be an effective way to cure severe Insomnia.

There are different levels of mind which are responsible for various actions we take throughout our day. The 3 levels of mind are:

  1. Conscious
  2. Sub – Conscious
  3. Unconscious

The Conscious mind is responsible for whatever we see directly and act according to it. It is referred to as the shallowest level of our mind. Then there is the

Sub-conscious mind which is a deeper part of our mind. It is not so easily available and accessible and is responsible for what we might feel and react to a certain condition and situation deeply based on our past experiences and situations.

Then comes the deepest part of our mind, that is the Unconscious mind. This part of mind is very difficult to reach is not easily accessible. It stores deepest memories gained for very traumatic events.

Self-Hypnosis or Hypnotherapy is a natural remedy Insomnia and is proven to be useful in most of the cases.  The process where you do Self Hypnosis focuses on implanting positive feedbacks and thoughts into the deeper sections of our minds. Hypnotism focuses on reaching a deeper level of our mind so that more positive thoughts can be embedded in our sub-conscious mind.  By doing so, the way we react and respond to various situations changes. This is turn reduces stress and allows our mind to relax. Thus insomnia is cured naturally.

Points to remember

Before carrying out the process of Self Hypnosis, you should keep in mind the following things:

  1. That you absolutely want to be hypnotized.
  2. Do not be overly skeptical about the whole process and approach the process with an open mind.
  3. Don’t be afraid of being hypnotized.
  4. Do not overthink about the whole process.
  5. Keep in mind what messages you want to give to your sub conscious mind.

The statements which you are going to use should be:

  1. Genuine and honest – You have to be honest with whatever you plant in your sub conscious mind.
  2. Positive – The statements should be positive in nature.
  3. Simple – Your statements should be simple and in the present tense like ‘I am stress free.’ OR ‘I do not smoke anymore.’

10 Easy steps for performing self-hypnosis

So let’s begin with the steps to perform Self Hypnosis.

  1. Be physically relaxed and comfortable – You need to be physically relaxed and comfortable before you start carrying out this process. It is obvious that you are nervous as well as excited to cure your sleeping disorder but keep in mind that being physically and mentally relaxed is very first and basic step to carry out this process.
  2. Make your sleeping environment quiet and peaceful – Assign a particular room which is away from all the noises and distractions. Regularly use the same room to sleep so that you get in a habit of sleeping as soon as you enter the room.
  3. Get yourself a comfortable mattress -  Using a comfortable mattress is equally important to have a sound sleep. Using bad quality mattresses can lead to Insomnia and various other posture related disorders. Thus invest in a good mattress and bed sheets.
  4. If possible, remove all wall clocks –One of the major distractions at night is the wall clock. People who have severe insomnia can relate to what I am saying. A wall clock is the most irritating object in the room at night. Thus, if possible, try to remove all the wall clocks from your bedroom.
  5. Reduce the usage of Mobile phones and laptops 3 hours prior to sleep.
  6. Focus your vision and attention – The second step to carry out self-hypnosis is to try and focus on something so that you have your attention at one place. It can be an object, thought or memory. Whatever suits your mind is good to go.
  7. Keep your mind clear – You should clear you mind and keep all your focus on the object. This is going to a be a bit on the harder side of the process. But trust me when I say that it is all worth it.
  8. Become aware of your eyes – Now start focusing on your breath and concentrate on your eyelids. Feel your breath deeply and evenly and your eyes becoming heavy and closing.
  9. Relax every time your breath out- Every time you throw out your breath, try to relax more each time. Whenever you will do this, your eyes will become more heavy.
  10. Start a countdown from 1 to 10, say I am relaxed.
  11. Tell yourself that when you finish self-hypnotism, you will be relaxed. Remind yourself again and again.
  12. Start telling yourself the statements you have prepared for your sub-conscious mind-  Focus on each statement – visualize it in your mind’s eye, repeat it in your thoughts.  Stay relaxed and focused.
  13. Clear your mind once more to relax once more to come out of your hypnotic state -  Throw out all the worries and just relax. Feel the air around you and your breath slowing going in and coming out.
  14. Slowly count up to 10.  Start counting from 1 to 10. Along with counting, use some positive messages to cheer yourself up. For example, ‘I had a good sleep last night. ‘
  15. When you reach 10 you will feel fully awake and revived! Slowly let your mind get busy in your daily chores. You will feel more relaxed and refreshed.

Following the above will help you carry out the process of Self Hypnosis and solve your issue of Insomnia help. Remember that Self Hypnosis or Hypnotherapy is a process which needs to be carry out again and again until the desired results are gained. With repetition, you will gain confidence in carrying out this process and thus the success rate of Hypnotherapy will increase.

Insomnia is natural remedy to cure severe insomnia, but before you plan to carry out this process of self-treatment by Hypnotherapy, make sure to inform someone near you that you are going to do this. Because when you are in the hypnotic stage, you sub conscious mind takes over your conscious mind and you feel relaxed. You need to stay away from any kind of distraction. It is also important to inform someone so that someone can be there to handle any emergency situations if needed.

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