Stress The Beast Behind Your Trouble Sleeping

Stress The Beast Behind Your Trouble Sleeping

15 Nov 2017

How does stress affect sleep?

Trouble sleeping due to stress is so common given the kind of life in the world today. One may be having so much pressure from job, from the family and everything surrounding them. This eventually leads to a long journey to sleeplessness. However, not every insomnia is caused by stress. Sleep disorders can be caused by a number of factors and stress is just one of them. Avoiding stress or eliminating stress solves Trouble sleeping due to anxiety.

Stress has a way of manipulating our mind and life in general. During stress, the mind wander from one place to the other throughout the night. That means the mind won’t shut down hindering crucial functions that take place during sleep, for instance, muscle repair among others. Lack of sleep causes the immune system to weaken and this happens when one is subjected to anxiety and stress. Despite the fact that trouble sleeping can be as a result of many factors, stress is a major cause of trouble sleeping. It affects sleep in the following ways;


  • Blocks chances of getting quality sleep


Quality Sleep is so important as far as good health is concerned. A number of problems can be avoided through getting quality sleep. However, stress robs your precious sleeping hours and makes sure you stay awake the entire night, of course, tossing and turning in that bed. The end result of trouble sleeping due to stress is a long list of health problems one after the other until you feel the weight of the world on your shoulders.


  • Stress increases the risk of insomnia


Insomnia is a persistent lack of sleep. With a stressed life, you are headed to no better place other than the world of sleeplessness. Words can’t explain the negative effects of insomnia. Every extra stressor improves the chances of insomnia by 19%. Stress at times is unavoidable due to the unpredictable nature of life and it is imperative to learn how to control stress in order to avoid insomnia.

Stress overworks the brain

Anytime one is stressed, the mind tries to figure out how to solve the underlying problem. Unfortunately, some of the issues that cause stress are beyond us at times. For instance, if your boss is stressful and you have no option but keep the job, such an issue puts you in a stressful situation and it could be that there is nothing you can do about it. Overworking your brain in such a scenario may not bear any fruits. Your brain needs a break and this is why sleep is important. Unfortunately, the stress at hand will hinder you from resting and this means that your brain will be subjected to fulltime pressure. That will not only reduce your lifespan but will subject you to various health issues as a result of trouble sleeping due to anxiety.


  • Stress makes sleeplessness a habit


The worst part about trouble sleeping due to stress is the fact that life in the world has never been a walk in the park for most of us. You solve one problem after the other until stress becomes part of life. If you can’t avoid stress at least you can manage stress. This is because stress causes sleeplessness and makes it a habit. A sleepless life is a doomed life. Quality sleep is the reason behind better life meaning stress sucks all the beauty of life out of you.

What are the symptoms of stress and anxiety?

When anxiety and stress become part of an individual’s life, there will be stress related signs and symptoms. Trouble sleeping is just one of the symptoms of stress. Not every trouble sleeping is as a result of stress but there are other symptoms that come along with trouble sleeping that will help you determine whether you are suffering from trouble sleeping due to stress. They include;

  • Anxiety; one of the main symptoms of stress is persistent anxiety over every issue both minor and major issues. This leads to trouble sleeping due to anxiety.
  • Reduced efficiency in the workplace
  • Poor memory and retention
  • Isolation and social withdrawal
  • Frequent headaches
  • Excessive fatigue
  • Loss of appetite or unreasonable weight gain
  • Addiction
  • Stomach pains
  • Suicidal thoughts
  • Confusion and low self-esteem
  • Negative attitude and the list is endless

The truth is, stress has a broad range of effects on your behavior, mood and emotions not to mention the negative effects of stress on most of your body organs as well as tissues. Your system worsens once it is subjected to trouble sleeping due to anxiety. Managing your stress means better sleep and a healthier life. Trouble sleeping due to stress can always be avoided.

Remedies for trouble sleeping due to stress


The best remedy for trouble sleeping due to stress is relaxation. Trouble sleeping due to anxiety can be brought to an abrupt end through relaxation. When the problem at hard pushes you to the wall, be sure to relax. Relaxing is the assumption that everything will be fine even when everything around you is saying the opposite.


Meditation is also an excellent remedy for trouble sleeping due to anxiety.  This is because meditation eases anxiety leading to improved sleep. Meditation advocates for inner peace and calmness blocking all chances for anxiety.

Laugh out the problems

This may sound ridiculous but can work miracles. Supposing you are at a point in your life when your financial status is completely down and then you receive a letter that you have been sucked from the only job that your life depends on. What do you do? Bury yourself in stress? You can’t take that route! The right thing to do is laugh out the problem not because it is not serious enough but because being sucked and finding a job is part of life and life isn’t ending there. A smiling face at the center of adversity is the best remedy for trouble sleeping due to stress.

In conclusion, you are the master planner of your life. Stress will always come but whether stress takes the better part of you or not depends on you. Trouble sleeping due to stress or anxiety is a choice that you can always avoid. Not forgetting that a stress-free life means better sleep and a better life. Avoiding stress is a remedy to trouble sleeping.

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