6 ways how to stay asleep in the morning

6 ways how to stay asleep in the morning

25 Dec 2017


You have been waking up very early in the morning due to busy work schedule and now you have an opportunity when you can sleep late. However, your body has been used to waking up early and you are worried you can’t stay asleep in the morning.

There are many techniques that you can use to stay asleep longer in the morning without the need to use stay asleep medicine that may end up having side effects.

How to stay asleep in the morning


  • Ensure your bedroom is completely dark


Light signals the body to wake up and so when the sun rises, you may tend to rise up early. To prevent this, you can make sure that your room is dark such that when the sun rises, it does not get into the room such that can’t stay asleep in the morning.

To reduce the light, you can use window draperies with very thick materials that can be able to block the light when the sun comes up. This way, your room will remain dark in the morning and you will be more likely to remain asleep.

Alternatively, you can use a sleep mask or eye cover when sleeping to reduce the light and enable you to sleep longer in the morning.


  • Get rid of likely morning distractions


Before you retire to bed, think of the distractions you are likely to get in the morning and deal with them. Some of these may be an alarm, unwanted visitors, or phones.

Turn off the alarm so that it does not wake you up in the morning. If there are any electronics facing the bed, turn them away from the bed so that you don’t stare at them in the morning and disrupt your sleep.

According to studies, electronics emit a blue light that inhibits the body from producing melatonin, the hormone responsible for sleep.

Switch off your phone or put it in silent to avoid distractions from people calling you in the morning and disrupting your sleep.

If you know there are people likely to disturb in the morning, lock the doors and you may go ahead and put a don’t disturb sign.


  • Make your bedroom sleep-inducing  


Your bedroom environment can determine if you sleep better or not. If you want to extend your sleep in the morning, then you should ensure that your bedroom has an environment that induces sleep.

Make sure your bedroom is cool and at the right temperature that is favorable to sleep. The recommended temperature is about 65 degrees F though you can set yours a bit lower or higher.

Reduce the noise getting into your bedroom. You can request the people around not to make noise in the morning. In case it is not possible to eliminate the noise, you can use earplugs.

Not all noise is harmful. Some sounds can help to sooth you to sleep such as classical music or the noise of a fan, which is commonly referred to as white noise. You can put the fan on and enjoy the cool breeze and the noise. Alternatively, you can use sounds that simulate that of rain, a fan, or beach waves.


  • Make sure you eat


You don’t want to wake up early in the morning to take breakfast since you can’t stay asleep in the morning. So, make sure you take a healthy meal a few hours before going to sleep. However, you should carefully choose the food you eat since some types of foods could result in lack of sleep.

It is advisable that you combine protein and carbohydrates since they are known to be sleep-inducing. You can take fruits such as cherries and add a glass of milk.

Foods you should avoid include energy supplements, caffeine, foods with a lot of salt and that contain high fat, acidic foods such as lemons and drinks such as alcohol. All these can make you not to stay asleep longer in the morning.


  • Prepare your body for rest


If you want a good night sleep and want to extend it in the morning then your body and mind need to be relaxed. If you are full of stress, then you may have a difficult time sleeping and you can’t stay asleep in the morning.

An hour before you get to bed, take a shower or a warm bath. This way, you will relax and as your body cools off, you will become sleepy.

To ensure your body produces the sleep-inducing melatonin, avoid electronic devices such as the TV and a phone at least 2 hours before you retire to bed.

If you are feeling stressed or there are thoughts disturbing you, deal with them before you sleep since they are likely to keep you awake. For instance, you can write them in a journal and plan to deal with it later. If it is a to-do-list item, jot it down and remove it from your mind.

You can also try relaxation techniques such as breathing deeply. This way, your body will take in a lot of oxygen and reduce the heart rate such that you will relax.


  • Getting back to sleep


If it so happens that you wake up early or you need to use the bathroom, you can still go back to sleep and stay asleep longer in the morning.

If you rise up earlier than you anticipated, and fifteen minutes later you are still awake, then you should just get up instead of turning and tossing trying to get back to sleep. Make the bed and then do activities that will help you relax such as listening to cool music or relaxing using yoga.

After a while, you may end up feeling drowsy. Get back to bed.

In case you get the need to use the restroom, make it quiet. Remember to pull back the blankets so that the bed can remain warm and you will get back to sleep easily. Leave the lights off and don’t check on your phone or the alarm so the light does not affect your sleep.

Conclusion: Just by taking a few simple steps, you can stay asleep longer in the morning. You just need to make sure that your room is sleep-inducing, you are relaxed, your stomach is full and there are no distractions.


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