Trouble Sleeping: 5 Things You Did Not Know About!

Trouble Sleeping: 5 Things You Did Not Know About!

27 Oct 2017

If you find it difficult getting some sleep or staying asleep, that’s enough evidence that your sleeplessness may be as a result of certain factors. Trouble sleeping every night is a common condition known as insomnia. They are so many myths and facts surrounding insomnia. Some people think that it is normal to go without sleeping for days and they spend each day hoping the pattern to change. Sleeping problems have adverse effects on an individual’s health thus such issues should be attended to with immediate effect. Identifying the underlying cause of your trouble sleeping very night, helps solve the problem at hand.

5 facts about the Problem sleeping

Sleeping problems happen at one point in everybody's life. Whereas the sleeplessness is temporal among some people, there are people who experience long-term insomnia, for instance, chronic insomnia, which poses serious health problems. Trouble sleeping causes include jet lag, stress, poor diet, stress, and depression among other things. Here are 5 facts about sleeping problems that you should know;


Sleeping problems increase medical conditions risks

Though many people have never taken trouble sleeping every night seriously, it turns up that it is indeed a grave condition in that exposes an individual to the risk of medical conditions. Those conditions are heart attack, high blood pressure, increased sensitivity to pain, low immune system, asthma attack, inflammation, obesity, stroke among others. Incredibly, quality sleep enhances maintenance of good weight. This is because sleeplessness leads to increased appetite and eventually obesity.

A study was carried out in 2004 and proved that persons who slept for fewer hours every day were prone to obesity by 30%. However, then that get quality sleep had good weight.

The above medical problems are life-threatening and lack of quality sleep can lead to any of those problems. That is the main reason why it is imperative to understand your trouble sleeping causes so that the problem can be solved before it is too late.


High rate of accidents


Generally, insomnia has a negative effect on your daily life from your work be it school work, business, office work, home activities among others. This leads to poor performance and in-competitiveness.  Trouble sleeping every night lowers the sex drive making you less interested in your partner. Sex is an important part of life as it keeps relationships going but with a low sex drive, your relationship is likely to go through a rough period or it may eventually die. Trouble sleeping causes loss of memory and poor retention. You can hardly remember anything and this leads to confusion not to mention that an individual’s ability to think critically is interfered with.

Quality sleep leads to sharp memory. French and American researchers back in 2009 said that brain events referred as sharp wave ripples consolidate the memory. These ripples shift information to the brain neocortex from hippocampus an area where the lasting memories are kept. These important sharp wave ripples take place during deepest sleep levels.

Trouble sleeping causes lack of energy, depression, anxiety as well as irritation. In such a condition except high rate of accidents from road accidents to work accidents. This may eventually lead to death or lifetime/ temporary disability.


Mental disorders


Trouble sleeping causes mental disorders. Some of the mental disorders faced include; anxiety, frustration, depression, confusion and stress. Trouble sleeping due to anxiety is quite common. Worries deprive an individual all happiness making them anxious about everything happening in their lives. Anxiety is common among the adults and the teens alike. Avoiding anxiety helps improve sleep. Trouble sleeping due to stress has also been witnessed among most people who suffer from insomnia. Stress leads to the production of hormones that prevent sleep or that interfere with sleep-wake cycle. Avoiding or finding ways of distracting stress before retiring to bed is of much importance since it enhances good sleep. Stress before going to bed can be distracted in a number of ways, for instance, listening to soft music and making your bedroom conducive to other things.


Short life expectancy


Trouble sleeping causes short life expectancy. Sleep problems have the ability to send you to your grave before your time. That’s how serious sleeplessness can be. This is because of all the problem insomnia exposes an individual to from mental health disorders to serious medical conditions as outlined above. An analysis was carried out entailing 16 studies covering more than one million subjects as well as one hundred and twelve thousands and five hundred and sixty-six deaths analyzed the relationship between mortality and sleep duration. They realized that less or no sleep amplifies death risk by at least 12% in comparison to persons who slept at least 7-8 hours every night.

A recent study focused on the effect of trouble sleeping every night for a long period as well as mortality for more than thirty-eight years. They realized that persons with prolonged insomnia had a high death risk of about 97%.


Causes wrinkles on your skin


A number of individuals have puffy eyes and sallow skin as a result of trouble sleeping every night. Chronic sleep loss especially leads to fine lines, lackluster skin as well as dark circles under individual’s eyes. Nothing hurts than a wrinkled skin that makes one look as if they were twice their age.

When your body fails to get adequate sleep, the body releases excess amounts of cortisol a stress hormone. Excess cortisol breaks down collagen a skin protein responsible for maintaining skin elasticity and smoothness.

Trouble sleeping every night also leads to release of less human growth hormone a hormone known to promote growth when an individual is young. Among the aging, the human growth hormone improves muscle mass, strengthen the bones and even thicken the skin. This growth human is usually released during slow-wave sleep or deep sleep.  

In conclusion, trouble sleeping is a condition that should be fought by all means due to their negative effects on health. Insomnia can be treated and the earlier the better.

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