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Author's program for a healthy sleep

Sleep Hypnopill - is a project of international specialists team. We’ve been studying sleep deprivation problem for more than 10 years from people all around the world. After long researches we came up with an audio hypnosis course for healthy sleep. You can use this therapeutical anti-insomnia hypnosis with you wherever you go! Just download audio sessions or get our app for your smartphone.





Sleep cycle disorder


Does insomnia ruin your daily plans and generate a stress?
Do you need more energy for work, family and hobby?
You are not the only one who faces with such difficulties.
More than 15% of the world population suffers from sleep deprivation,
even by using modern medicine and sleeping pills.
It becomes obvious that it’s a global problem which needs a new dealing
method. And we’ve found the solution in audio hypnosis.

Andrey Zykin

Hypnologist, clinical psychologist

He’s been studying insomnia and hypnosis possibilities for more than 10 years. He’s created a big amount of effective scripts for curing different types of insomnia caused by psychological and physiological reasons.

Nadia Sharayd

Analytical psychologist, hypnologist, researcher

The author of post-stress mind recovery and personal development courses. As a practicing hypnologist with big experience she effectively cures such states as: insomnia, addictions, panic attacks, anxiety and phobias.

What does this
course consist of?

Our course consists of 4 sessions which are meant to be for a month. All approved hypnosis methods are used for the course. Including mild Erickson's hypnosis, directive hypnosis, regressive hypnosis, creative hypnosis. The combination of methods allows to achieve much better results. We are patient-specific, and our course takes individual perception into account.

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Benefits of Sleep Hypnosis course

1) Result after the 1st day. Listen to the first session to improve quality of your sleep today. Our course has cumulative effect. Stick to the schedule every day and you’ll forget about sleep deprivation problem.

2) Listen to Sleep Hypnopill at any time. You can listen to the session before going to bed or during a day. Just select your suitable type of the course whether it’s for awakening after the session or with seamless transition into sleeping.

3) Sleep Hypnopill affects the cause of insomnia. The course effectively fights with superficial sleep, ghastly dreams, difficulty falling asleep and awakening.

4) Sleep Hypnopill course is safe. The course was tested on 416 patients and helped more than 5000 people already. It doesn’t have any side effects and brings you only healthy sleep.

5) Sleep Hypnopil adjusts for you and gives the better result. Change the volume of the session, turn on and off ambient music when you need that. You can also leave your dream after finishing the listening or slowly fall asleep.

A man spends ⅓ of its life in sleeping. Let it be a tight,
recovering your energy and health quality sleep!

Notice! Don’t listen to the audio while driving. Don’t practice self-induced
hypnosis if you are diagnosed with schizophrenia or psychosis.

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